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AN APPEAL to the boycotting(AIBOC) Unions- Regarding next Bipartite talk

After the ONE Day Strike against the FRACTURED MANDATE , the suicidal decision of BOYCOTTING the 11th BPS Negotiations does not seem to have yielded any change in the Status Quo of the stalemate in Talks.
November to May …nearly SEVEN months have been wantonly wasted unmindful of the suffering elderly Pensioners who have been pinning their hopes on 11th BPS-Talks for a quantum of solace in the form of Updation, improvements in FP etc.
On the eve of the Lok Sabha Elections, MoF sprang a surprise to everyone by announcing UPDATION to the RBI Pensioners(more than 25000 got the improved benefit) and One More Option to the Old Pension Scheme for the Insurance Sector benefitting more than 70,000 serving & retired .
For the Bank Pensioners, IBA indicated that Family Pension-Improvements would be certain and Updation would be discussed in the BPS-Talks and recommended to the Gov’t.
But NOTHING COULD MOVE THE HEART OF THE boycotting Unions to have course-correction and to resume the Talks; instead ,we hear only empty rhetoric!
When FP-Improvements were offered to the RBI Pensioners , it included the following Pension Benefits also:
1) FULL-Pension for 20Year Service (instead of the prevailing
Full Pension for 33year Service)
2) Reckoning the Last drawn Pay or Ten Months Average Pay whichever is more beneficial to the Pensioner)
3) Ceilings on FP under every BPSlinked to the Pay Range removed and a uniform rate of 30% Pay Last Drawn was permitted with Minimum FP at Rs3500/ and the Maximum at Rs24495/ with eligible DR.
Our APPEAL to the boycotting Unions:
A new FM has taken charge,…. A congenial atmosphere can be expected in the corridors of North Block.
New avenues can be explored; newer Strategies can be thought of !
Negotiators can not stand on EGO indefinitely!
Committing HARAKIRI is the EASIEST THING in Life; but that can not absolve you of your sins and bring INSTANT bliss to your Members or to the deprived Pensioners

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