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In India banks have more officers than clerks; how the situation changed in just 15 years

Indian banks have more officers than clerks and subordinates as officers account for nearly two-third of the total workforce and clerks and subordinates account for just one third. It is completely opposite of the situation 15 years ago when there were at least two subordinates, clerk or peons, for every bank officer. According to the latest official data about the manpower in the scheduled commercial banks, nearly 14 lakh people were employed in the banking sector in the country in March 2018 and 8.6 lakh or nearly two-third of them were officers. In 2003, more than 9 lakh people were employed in scheduled commercial banks and officers accounted for less than one-third of the total strength at 2.87 lakh, clerks (4.19 lakh) and subordinate staff (1.95 lakh).

According to the basic statistical returns of the scheduled commercial banks, Indian banks have become extremely top-heavy organisations. It shows that modern banking has evolved as a highly specialised job requiring more people in executive capacity.

According to the official data, there were 13.80 lakh bank employees and officers at the end of March 2018. Of the total manpower in the banking sector, 8.59 lakh were bank officers while the number of clerks was 3.6 lakh and banks also had 1.61 lakh subordinates, mostly peons etc

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