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18th October 2019 bipartite talks,will throw more light on the fate of the bipartite mechanism.

The Madurai bench of the Madras High court,has sent notices to IBA/Finance ministry/AIBOC/Canara Bank officer.association./The court has observed that the results of the bipartite negotiation ,would be subject to the outcome of the petition. Now, IBA/Finance ministry has to consider ,whether the Code on wages act-2019,could fit the proposed salary negotiation and state,its position clearly to the court..It has also to look into the minimum wages,prevailing at the central govt.,for the various grades,from entry level to top level as per the 7th pay commission formula.Madurai bench (Madras high court) has also ordered,to spell out the basis,on how IBA is going consider pay for officers,whether taking into consideration the 7th pay commission formula.The 18th October,bipartite meeting has to be seen in this relevance.The IBA will have to look into the Madurai bench directive in letter and spirit.First of all IBA/Govt.,will have to see whether the code on wages bill-2019 itself,gives room for any Bipartite talks.On a plain reading of the code on wages bill-2019,one gets the impression that the wage bill is neither for, nor against any negotiated settlement.Infact,the bill is silent about negotiated salary itself.However, the bill,which was passed by the parliament on 2nd August 2019,is fully applicable to all organized and unorganized sectors.Accordingly,as bank employees,we are definitely coming under the provisions of the above bill.Now,the IBA has to decide about the future course of the Bipartite talks.From,now on ,any wage negotiation,will have have to be on the basis of the code on wage bill-2019 only.The Madurai high court bench’s. intervention is infact a boon to all the bank employees.The Madurai high court bench,has admitted this petition,because it felt that there is substance in the prayer of the petitioner.So there are good reasons for us to rejoice.But now,IBA will have to decide,what role it will play in the bipartite i.e to go ahead with the talks or to take a different course.of action. So,18th October 2019 bipartite talks,will throw more light on the fate of the bipartite mechanism.

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